Your body has healed from many illnesses & injuries in the past.
Why not this time?

Why Not This Time?


The dizzying pace of life keeps our brain and nervous system in a chronic state of stress. From checking our smartphones, relationships, traffic, fear-based news, etc. According to the National Institute of Health over 90% of all disease is due to stress. More specifically, the inability of the brain and nervous system to adapt to and recover from stress.


What happens if there are too many programs left running in the background on your computer? IT SLOWS DOWN. Stress opens programs that run in the background of your brain and nervous system, slows it down and impairs your health and every aspect of your life.


We use state of the art technology and techniques to measure, monitor, and maximize your brain and nervous system’s ability to respond and adapt to stress. As you begin to better process life’s stressors, your entire life comes into balance and your potential to thrive and succeed in all aspects of life peaks.

The Science

Your nervous system, which includes your brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, plays a critical role in controlling and coordinating every function of your body. This
system is vital as it must process everything throughout your entire life. Think of it as the operating system of a computer. Every time that you experience a stress in life that is too much for you to process, it is like a program gets left open and running in the background. Since we encounter so much long-term stress (work, relationships, financial, school, social, etc.) with an ever-shortening amount of recovery time, we accumulate a lot of programs running in the background. This slows down the brain and nervous system rendering it far less efficient. Ultimately keeping you from
reaching your full potential in your family, at your job, with your health, or any part of your life. What if there was a way to close these “programs” on a regular basis?

The Close (The Fix)

We first check your specific stress pattern using a simple reflex test. Then, using a combination of a FDA regulated device called the Integrator and their hands, the doctor delivers a gentle impulse to a specific stress point near your spine. Each impulse is designed to “tune” your brain and nervous system. You can think of it as closing the unnecessary “programs” running in your nervous system, helping it run more efficiently. This translates to higher potential in every area of your life. This process is backed by numerous peer reviewed research studies; and is so safe and effective, it is regularly used on babies all the way through life up to
our seniors.

Priciples Of Action

Your brain and nervous system run on tiny electrical signals that travel in the form of waves. In a state of well-being, it sends signals at specific speeds or frequencies. When we enter a state of stress, this can cause a change in these frequencies. The Integrator is tuned to match a frequency which cancels out these waves, resetting them, much like when an opera singer matches the resonance of a wine glass, it shatters. This restores the brain to its optimal state of well-being where you start to experience rapid self-growth both personally and professionally.

What To Expect

Meet The Doctor

I’m Dr. Tuker Nielsen, a brain based chiropractor looking to make a lasting difference in the lives of the people I see and our community’s approach to health. I always begin conversations about what I do with a question.

What coordinates every function of the body? The answer – our brain. As a brain based chiropractor, I look to the brain for answers concerning the breakdown of our health in every aspect—sleep issues, lack of attention or concentration, memory fog, heart problems, breathing difficulties, digestive dysfunction, hormonal issues, numbness, tingling and even maintaining good health. When I was first introduced to this concept, I was astonished that the brain is not one of the first things checked when we begin to experience dysfunction. This is not how the majority of healthcare approaches the body, and I aim to be part of the wave that changes this.
Through brain wave analysis, specific, tonal chiropractic care, and healthy lifestyle choices, our health is not the only thing that improves. Our productivity, attitude, relationships, and the joy we feel all change for the better. A better you starts with a better brain!
Thank you for trusting me with your health and healing!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not believe that a 3rd party should make recommendations or dictate care for any of our practice members. For this reason, we are not in network with any health insurance companies. Our cash rates are often more affordable when compared to insurance prices, making it easier to serve individuals through families of all sizes. If you would like to self-submit to insurance for reimbursement, we’d be happy to provide the appropriate documentation needed to do so.
Chiropractic is concerned with the manipulation of the neck and spinal bones to relieve muscle tension and joint irritation. Torque Release Technique addresses tension that builds up in the spinal cord itself. The results, safety and consistency are substantially different.
All our practitioners are Doctors of Chiropractic with additional training. They also hold the Advanced Proficiency certificate in Torque Release Technique.
Yes, very. There has never been a malpractice claim or serious injury reported with the use of the Integrator. It is so safe; it is regularly used on babies on through life to our seniors.

You can expect your first visit to be approximately 1 hour and a half hours.
Once under care, visit are between 10-15 minutes.